Is BPI Sports 1MR The Right Pre Workout For You?

Is BPI Sports 1MR The Right Pre Workout For You?

BPI Sports Company History



BPI Sports came from relatively humble beginnings, with only a small desk and handful of cash to get an entire nutrition empire off the ground. Despite the incredibly meager beginnings, the company quickly developed into one of the most powerful nutrition and fitness giants in the world. South Florida is where the company calls home, and inside of the BPI Sports headquarters is a cauldron of business as well as a complete training facility. Eventually, BPI Sports grew powerful enough to form an alliance with GNC; in less than 180 days after that, the company has managed to develop a considerably strong network of allies and gain several accolades.


The evolution of BPI Sports has been substantial and has garnered BPI Sports the recognition and respect of peers in the fitness industry. The awards earned by BPI Sports were due to the company’s unique approach to exercise supplement promotion, focusing on a fast and hard-hitting campaign that mirrors the energetic power that it aims to instill in all of the athletes following the brand. The company’s work has been described as able to appeal to both those who are just looking to exercise as a hobby and those who are extreme workout aficionados, meaning that no demographic in the gym is out of the range of BPI Sport’s target market.


The Pre-workout 1MR:


BPI Sports stocks a variety of fitness products. One of the most notable products provided by BPI Sports, is the BPI Sports 1MR available in 140 g. The retail price of this product is $64.94 with a consumer price of $49.95. What this means is that the customer saves $15 when purchasing BPI Sports 1MR. The product is described as being a new form of supplement that provides a strong and swift shock to the system; since its invention, the supplement has been modified to have more kick and power than ever before. A small single scoop and 6 ounces (150-200 ml) of water is the appropriate dose. With a range of different flavors, 1MR can actually be enjoyed for its taste as well as reaping its ultimate performance enhancing benefits. The nutrition facts of any fitness supplement are important to consider before making any purchase. A brief overview of 1MR shows that it contains; 2 g of carbohydrates per serving. There are 0 g of sugar, and 30 mg of Nicotinic acid. There is 1 mg of thiamine, also known as thiamine this sulfide. There are 3500 mg of pre-workout 1MR energy and pump matrix, which consists of: beta alanine, L-arginine Alpha ketoglutarate, creatine, caffeine, L tyrosine, Paulinia cupana, yerbamate, Kigelia Africana, citrous sinesis, Adhatota vasica, Zingiber officinale, Schisandra chinensis, visnea mocanera, and vinifera.


1MR Flavours:


1MR comes in a range of different flavours: blue raspberry, fruit punch, lemon lime, and watermelon. Based off positive customer feedback all of the flavours taste as they sound.




1MR Energy, Pump and Focus Matrix:


BPI Sports has truly gone all out in their development of the pre-workout supplement 1MR, they have included a range of ingredients that work in a synergy to not only enhance the body’s performance, but also the mind as well. Why is the mind focusing important to working out? Research has shown focusing on performing actions helps improve the efficiency at which those actions are completed. In saying this, getting in the right mind set for working out and finishing that last rep, will help you to achieve that extra rep. If you are distracted with other issues you can be sure that you won't be putting in that extra effort or pumping out that last rep.


The degree of mental focus gained from taking 1MR is useful in unlocking one’s potential to exert more power in the gym. Unlike some products, which are merely advertised is delivering benefits that they cannot actually deliver; this product seems to have a very reputable status.


As exercise and fitness enhancement is inarguably both a mental and physical task, any product that capitalizes balance between the body and mind should be heavily considered by fitness athletes and bodybuilders.




In response to some grievances, Florida's BPI Sports was compelled to remove a certain ingredient, DMAA from its products composition. DMAA has been compared to a dangerous amphetamine like substance that has potentially life-threatening side effects. As BPI Sports values the lives of its fans and followers, it responded to the grievances by completely removing DMAA from the 1MR product, and re-releasing it as a new product that had no DMAA whatsoever.


What is DMAA?


In the 70’s, Eli Lilly patented DMAA as “Forthane”; due to the fact that the potentially detrimental effects of DMAA were not yet highly publicized, it was widely seen as no more than a harmless nasal decongestant. In today’s time, DMAA is specifically categorized by the World Doping Agency as an illegitimate substance that’s use merits exclusion from organized sporting events. Many athletes have been removed from their teams and positions due to being found out to be using the DMAA substance as an illegitimate way to increase their performance during organized events. As DMAA is drawn from geranium plant oil, there were movements to prohibit companies from attempting to sneakily include the product in their supplements by calling it ‘geranium plant oil extract’ rather than the synthetic version DMAA. Most countries have now banned the over counter sale of DMAA and this includes Australia.


BPI Sports 1MR No Longer Contains DMAA:


BPISports 1MR 140 gram version
, however, does not contain DMAA out of genuine concern for the athletes using it. As the compound does not have DMAA, it is legal and allowed to be used by athletes to aspire to enter professional competitions.


The company BPI Sports seems to be a company that capitalizes upon making sure that one's physical and mental components are complete and balanced before taking them into the gym. There are many people who, while physically able, are unable to meet the mental requirements that are generally vital and integral to exercising one's maximum potential in an area of extreme physical exertion. As the 1MR seems to value both the customers’ mental and physical state, it would seem that the producers behind the BPI Sports products have definitely done their homework in considering what makes a workout most effective.




Is It Right For You?


The product contains mostly natural ingredients, however, the company has taken some steps to ensure that DMAA is not included on the list of components that make the final product. With the combination of physical and mentally improving affects, and a consideration for the health of those to take it, BPI Sports new version of 1MR is assuredly a good choice for all of those that wish to give an extra edge to their performance in the gym. A single serving of the product contains one rounded scoop, containing 5 g. There are 28 servings per bottle. One should take care when taking 1MR, due to the high caffeine warning. The recommended serving of this product, according to BPI, contains about as much caffeine found in 4 cups of coffee.


One should not consume caffeine when using the product. Too much caffeine can cause nervousness, irritability, sleeplessness, and occasionally rapid heartbeat. One should stop using the product if the experience dizziness, severe headache, or rapid heartbeat. If one experiences any combination of symptoms that result from overstimulation, they should cease taking the supplement immediately and consult their medical professional. Women who are pregnant or nursing should refrain from taking stimulating supplements


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