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BPI Sports 1MR - Preworkout Supplement


Haven't tried 1MR yet? Well then are you sick and tired of those other health supplements out there promising the moon and the stars when it comes to your pre-workout routine, products that tell you they will give you an endless amount of energy and everything you need to slam through every plateau your body places in front of you – only to find out that they fall well short of these a lofty goals?


Have you been searching high and low for anything – ANYTHING – to give you the kind of bump and pump you need to slam through your training and really craft the body of your dreams? Are you looking for the ultimate pre-workout solution in a 100% safe and sound delivery system that will protect your short and long term health while still delivering fantastic results?


Then you are absolutely going to fall in love with BPI Sports One More Rep.


1MR has been designed from the ground up to give you all of the kind of blood pumping super surge of energy you need to attack each and every workout that you push your body through, it has proven time and time again that it offers everything you’ve been looking for without any of the dangerous and dramatic side effects that other products bring to the table. The new concentrated version of 1MR is based off creatine monohydrate and a fantastic blend of (100% legal) stimulants, you’re going to find that this solution can help you break through any obstacles that you’ve been saddled with in your recent training regiment.




What does 1MR really do?


It is basically a system designed to increase the capabilities of your veins, arteries, and other blood delivery system to pump all the necessary fuel to every muscle in your body in a much more efficient manner, this is a chemical concoction designed to eliminate bloating, crush cramping, and ensure that you’re only getting the most steady flow of nutrients and fluids to your muscles when you need them most.





There are Four main benefits of using 1MR:


1. Energy and focus - A surge of energy comes from 1MRs high intensity blend of caffeine, taurine and guarana (Paullinia cupana). This blend aids in increasing mental focus and non-calorie energy, which allows you to focus on the workout to come and help aid in keeping away from being distracted. Keeping you energized throughout your entire workout, without having to add extra calories.


2. Strength - Both short and long term intensity bursts of energy and strength are supported by 1MR through the ingredients; creatine monohydrate and L-Arginine. Both of these ingredients work in synergy to help provide the body with enough energy and strength to push out that "One More Rep" and help continually sustain this strength and energy throughout the remainder of your sets.


3.  Pump - The pump happens when you workout, your muscle become fuller and harder when the blood rushes throughout your veins and muscles to give support to the increase strain and load placed upon those muscles. 1MR uses L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate to help increase this effect, helping to build a leaner and fuller muscle throughout your workout session.


4. Reduction in inflammation and stress - 1MR using a blend of  yerba mate, L-Tyrosine, kigelia africana, Psoralea corylifolia and visnea mocanera to help naturally relieve stress and muscle inflammation produced throughout an intense workout. Helping to calm the mind and the muscle pain, allowing you to push harder and perform better.


It’s important to understand that there are some side effects to using this – but only if you have specific medical conditions. Just know this – when professional athletes, bodybuilders, and strongmen are looking to get a little bit more out of their workouts, they turned to 1MR time and time again.



BPI Sports 1MR is also known as BPI Sports 1.M.R which stands for "one more rep". If you are still unsure about if 1MR is right for you, check out our post here.



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